Saturday, December 4, 2021


Through December 18, 2021
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Roy Berko

The topic of THE 20TH CENTURY WAY, if, not the play’s production, should please con-con regulars.  The theme is intriguing and spotlights an important moment in US history that led to many bad laws being passed, gay men being persecuted and prosecuted, and great angst.  It took a late 20th century Supreme Court decision to undue the horror.

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Mark Horning

Fans of Con-Con will love this quirky fast moving acting romp. It will also be a delight for actors who love watching challenging rolls unfold on stage. Some people will leave having not gotten what the play is all about while others will knowingly nod in understanding. This is black box theater of a higher level.

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Kate Klotzbach

“You can’t be charged for being something, only for doing something.” And thus spins the carousel known as The 20th Century Way, a two-person play running audiences in circles of “morality.”

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