Saturday, November 13, 2021

INTO THE WOODS @ Baldwin Wallace University

In order to bring attention to local productions of merit at theaters that are not on the Cleveland Critics Circle’s approved list, members of the Circle who attend a community or educational theater production that is perceived as of high quality will have the option of listing that production on the CCC blogsite.  This review falls into that category.


Baldwin Wallace Musical Theatre Program

November 10-21, 2021 or 440-826-2369 

Roy Berko

Sprightly, fresh, well done, all involving INTO THE WOODS is a must see!

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Mark Horning

The Baldwin Wallace University Music Theater Program’s production of Stephan Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” is a Broadway worthy performance that along with the fun carries a serious moral lesson. It is a technically complex show with some of the most challenging songs put forth in a Broadway musical and each one done to perfection. We welcome you back to the stage BWU. Well done!

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Laura Kennelly

Into the Woods, Stephen Sondheim’s split personality take on wishes (and why, perhaps, they should not come true), opened last week at Baldwin Wallace University’s Mainstage Theatre in Kleist Center for Art & Drama in Berea. There will be a repeat performances November 17 to 21. Once again, director Victoria Bussert reminds us why Sondheim’s name is legend in musical theater. The all-student cast (it is double cast with alternating performances each night; I saw the Prince cast on November 10) kept the story moving and the tunes flowing.

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