Thursday, February 6, 2020


Through February 23, 2020
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Roy Berko
There is an adage in theatre that after seeing a musical one should not leave talking sets and costumes.  In the case of the touring company of “ANASTASA” however, that’s exactly what the audience was doing.  Yes, this is not a great musical.  The plot is obvious and the music pleasant, not memorable.   However, the production values are outstanding and the cast excellent, so, all in all, what we have is a pleasant, if not spectacular,  evening of theatre.
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Kerry Clawson

“Anastasia” is a visually stunning musical whose tale has an epic sweep. But for much of the first act, its momentum felt a bit slow Wednesday night at Playhouse Square in Cleveland.

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Howard Gollop

Luckily, the sets and costumes add color and nuance to a production that could use more of both. At the very least, one would think a veteran director named Darko Tresnjak (for real) could imbue his cast with an authentic Eastern European aura.

No such luck. Although the show is nevertheless engaging and expensive-looking, particularly for a national tour,  it's about as Russian as St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Mark Horning

What we have is the usual collection of pleasant but hardly memorable songs, a predictable story line combined with an excellent cast and spectacular stage set and video projections that add depth. In short this is a show worth venturing out into the cold and weather to see. It is indeed a very nice way to spend an evening at the theater.

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Chris Howey
No review yet.
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Laura Kennelly

Bottom Line: Anastasia is a light, enjoyable musical that offers a new take on the rags-to-riches motif. It’s a perfect winter treat. The national touring company does a bang-up job of bringing Broadway to Cleveland. (And yes, Cleveland was mentioned in the dialogue — but I bet a different town is named at the next stop — we all laughed anyway.)

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