Saturday, September 21, 2019


Allen Theate

September 14-October 6, 2019

Roy Berko

Into the Breeches!” is the most fun I’ve had in a theater in a long time.  It’s an absolutely must see, and opens CPH’s season on a very, very high note! Go! Laugh-out-loud!  

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Howard Gollop

It's hard not to like a simple comedy that pushes all the women/LGBT/race buttons. Brandt further stacks the deck by moving the play from Chicago to Cleveland (and briefly Parma where the frustrated aging prima donna briefly escapes to star in a children's theater production of "Cinderella"). 

Mark Horning

This show while touching on the poignant stories so evident during World War II does so with absolute hilarity. It is laugh out loud screaming funny that will carry you through to the next day and beyond. If you have not had a good belly laugh for awhile here is your chance and that’s no joke.

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Laura Kennelly

BOTTOM LINE: A genuinely funny play that takes stereotypes and turns them inside out and then back again. Its often satiric “sorry, not sorry” Cleveland vibe, aided by dynamic physical comedy, wins the day. A brilliant blend of literature and history, comedy and tragedy, the Cleveland Play House’s Into the Breeches! should be on everyone’s “must see” list.

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Andrea Simakis

It's not that women aren't capable of competing and scheming.  It's jut that got about it in more artful ways.  And, in George Brandt's "Into the Breeches," the warm-hearted backstage comedy with a topical bite, that manipulation is for a good cause.

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