Friday, March 29, 2019


Through April 14, 2019
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Bob Abelman

Good things come in small packages like the world premiere of ‘Tiny Houses.’

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Roy Berko

 “Tiny Houses” is one of those special pieces of modern theater that both delights and causes audiences’ to think.  Is tiny better?  Is minimalism good for society and individuals?  Can we live deliberately?  Was Thoreau all wrong, “a nut job,” in his search for authenticity?  Whatever, go, see, be delighted, and learn how tiny houses are built!

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Kerry Clawson

Sometimes, trying to simplify your life can get complicated. That's what happens in the world premiere of Chelsea Marcantel’s “Tiny Houses” at Cleveland Play House, as Bohdi and Cath’s idealistic plan to build a miniature home runs into some roadblocks. ... 
Eastman’s characterization as Cath seems rather flat compared to the others, even given the fact that most of them are very quirky. Cath doesn’t truly connect with another character until well into the play.
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Mark Horning

Although quite predictable, this sweet comedic tale of attempting to simplify one’s life has a lot of heart. It truly is a labor of love that will enthrall you and make you smile with its happy conclusion. Fill the seats for this one.

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Laura Kennelly

Ever want to run away? Leave city stress behind? Chelsea Marcantel’s comic new play, Tiny Houses, at the Cleveland Play House, shows one witty take on this impulse in a perfectly paced production directed by Laura Kepley.

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Andrea Simakis

Building anything--houses or relationships isn't all how-to podcast and shotgunning beers.  It takes work and time and effort Sweat equity.  So, so does constructing the perfect, timely comedy, as director Laura Kepley and playwright Chelsea Marcantel have done.  This is blue bullet-proof.

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