Saturday, September 15, 2018

AN ACT OF GOD @ Beck Center for the Arts

September 14-October 7, 2018
216-521-2510 or

Bob Abelman

God does indeed move in mysterious ways. Bada-boom.

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Roy Berko

“Act of God” is one of those funny, funny irreverent scripts that, while it may offend some, gets a no–holds-barred, must see fine production at Beck Center for the Arts.  You’ll be upset or leave with a smile on your face respecting a writer who can come up with a clever way to confront the ills of the world in a humorous way.

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Christine Howey

There are lots of laughs to be had in this production, especially if you lean left politically. If you lean right, I guess you’ll have to wait until Dennis Miller writes his version of An Act of God.

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Laura Kennelly

Mike Polk, Jr.  is God? Well, that’s his designation in the Beck Center’s irreverent incarnation. Directed by William Roudebush, this regional premiere features a script by David Javerbaum. The snarky, hip vibe featured in An Act of God may sound familiar to stand-up comedy fans and those who love The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. That’s no accident; Javerbaum writes for the show.

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