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Through August 26, 2018
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Bob Abelman

Yes it is, and yes it does!

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Roy Berko

“Hamilton” is a special theatrical event and experience.  The script is riveting, the music involving, the choreography creative, the production superb.  The touring production is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to participate in one of those special once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  This is one show that definitely deserves its standing ovation.  Bravo!

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Kerry Clawson

Seeing "Hamilton" play out live onstage is an exhilarating experience that far exceeds all expectations I had imagined after listening to the Broadway cast recording and reading about the show for years.

That’s because Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical about founding father Alexander Hamilton is a one-of-a-kind work of art. The second national tour, now at Playhouse Square’s State Theatre, is a high-octane production with the most propulsive momentum I’ve ever seen in a musical.
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Howard Gollop

In “Hamilton,” of course, no one forgoes popular music idioms, but King George imparts his glib dismissal of America in the hilarious style of a British pop star, like a renegade from Herman’s Hermits.  The song is called “You’ll Be Back,” and indeed we will — hopefully when the show returns in another tour with less-expensive and more available tickets.

Mark Horning

After all the hype does the National Touring Company Production of Hamilton live up to its promises? Well, yes and no. The show is your typical over the top Broadway extravaganza with bigger than life figures, exquisite dance numbers, a great hulking set and colorful period wigs and costumes. The weak link is the sound system that denies audience members a clear exposure to the rapid fire lyrics and subtle nuances of the various songs. It is a great show that could be better.

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Christine Howey

You should do anything legal (and possibly even illegal) to get a ticket. Your life as a human being at this moment in the 21st century will not be entirely fulfilled if you don't witness this extraordinary work of art written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

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Andrea Simakis

'Hamilton' in fine company, lives up to the hype.   Perhaps the greatest gift of this breathtaking piece of art is how touchingly famliar and human it makes the men and women who helped shape America seem--so unlike the cold faces under powdered wigs in portrait galleries.

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