Monday, April 9, 2018


Through April 22, 2018
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Kerry Clawson

Miller plays the new king as such a highly passionate and idealistic person, we almost forget what a cad Charles was to the late Princess Diana. His Charles immediately clashes with the prime minister (Scott Shriner), who expects him to rubber-stamp a new bill that would restrict the freedom of the press.
Miller enables audiences to respect Charles when his character proves he’s not a pushover and sticks to his principles. Despite the media’s invasion of privacy within his family, Charles refuses to limit its freedom, and the story turns into a battle of wills.

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Mark Horning

Americans have always been fascinated with England and especially the Royal Family. This “what if” tale is not only entertaining but possibly closer to truth then some in England would wish to admit. The surprise ending makes for a splendid bit of conversation on the way home. Cheers!

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