Friday, December 1, 2017


Through December 17, 2017
(216) 631-2727

Roy Berko

The Loush Sisters encourage the audience to “celebrate the love for friends and family, to sit back, relax and have an adult beverage and enjoy the crazy ride.”  Don’t go to this holiday show expecting great theater or a religious experience.  Go, enjoy the uninhibited rantings of two boozed-up broads who are having a hell of good time.  The drunker you are, the better you’ll appreciate what’s going on.  (Be sure to book the Uber in advance.)

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Mark Horning

Like a biennial plague of Christmas locust the Loush Sisters once again appear in Cleveland to wreck havoc on our Christmas traditions and sensibilities (this is not a bad thing). The entire ensemble are entirely into their characters and are having as much fun as the audience.

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Andrea Simakis

You don't go to see the Loushes - "that's loose and lush, but fancy" - so much as to experience them. Teeter alongside them, so to speak, martini glass clutched in one manicured talon, whooping and hollering as they regale you with song and boozy repartee, this year as part of the Nakatomi Christmas show.

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