Thursday, December 3, 2015


December 4, 2015 through January 3, 2016


Bob Abelman

Dobama’s "Peter and the Starcatcher" leaves you clapping for more than just fallen fairies. 

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Roy Berko

“Peter and the Starcatcher” gets a farcical, creative and generally enjoyable production under the direction of Nathan Motta.  Though the first act often seemed exceedingly frenetic, the second act successfully developed the meaning of the story and made for an evening well spent.  It’s a chance for children and adults to let their imaginations run wild and, like Peter, never grow up. 
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Mark Horning

Leave your maturity and disbelief at the door and you will be in for an evening of delight.  This production should be titled “Peter Pun” due to the non-stop hilarity that takes place on stage with the zaniest cast ever assembled.  Transcend your adulthood and return to a simple time when “starstuff “could really make your wildest dreams come true and with a few laughs as well.  This is sure to be a sellout.  

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Andrea Simakis

Along with its lunatic shenanigans, slapstick comedy, sight gags and delightfully lowbrow streak – apparently, farts in the face never get old no matter how old you are – "Peter" possesses a melancholy sweetness. The feeling lingers long after the lights dim, like a memory of childhood, an echo from that faded Neverland.

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