Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Tempest @ Great Lakes Theater

Through April 26, 2015

Hanna Theatre, 2067 E. 14th St., , 216-241-6000 
Bob Abelman

High concept seems low-budget in Great Lakes’ "The Tempest."

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Roy Berko

THE TEMPEST, reported to be Shakespeare’s last solo dramatic writing, is not one of the Bard’s great plays, but there is enough fantasy and intrigue to allow for a pleasant evening of theater.  The GLT production does justice to the script.

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Mark Horning

While the acting itself for the most part is superb, Great Lake Theater’s production of “The Tempest” is too convoluted to be understood by a first time audience member. Distractions ranging from costuming, set design and continuity make it difficult to follow. It is the Bard’s last work and not his best and neither is the Great Lakes Theater rendition their best as well.

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Christine Howey

Give credit to GLT for trying something new in this interpretation of The Tempest. But when the story gets camouflaged in a torrent of design flourishes and jarring tonal switchbacks, the audience has to work even harder to find Will’s real magic.

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Art Thomas
"Reimagining the classics" has gone a bit too far in this production where the story becomes lost in the sometimes intriguing, sometimes bizarre production concept. Prospero's "cell" is a huge magic box right out of David Copperfield's Magic where spoken of people, props, and events appear. 

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