Monday, March 2, 2015

Dial "M" for Murder @ Great Lakes Theater

Through March 22, 2015

Hanna Theater, 2067 E. 14th St., , 216-241-6000
Bob Abelman

The biggest mystery in this classic psychological thriller is what the good folks at Great Lakes Theater have in store to keep the plot twists camouflaged, make the abrupt turns sufficiently disorienting, and serve up Tony’s  pathology in a fresh and interesting way. As it turns out, what they have in store is not nearly enough.  

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Roy Berko
Great Lakes production of DIAL “M” FOR MURDER makes for a wonderful escapist evening of theatre.  Anyone liking murder mysteries, good acting, and good staging will enjoy this production.  As to the theatre’s evolving pattern of staging a mystery each season, as long as they continue in the vein of their DEATHTRAP, MOUSETRAP, and DIAL “M,” let’s have some more!
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Mark Horning

Dial M for Murder is a surprising disappointment from what many consider the gold standard of classic theater in Cleveland.  In theater, the two most difficult genres to pull off are comedy and mystery.  In both, timing is everything.  In this slouthfest time seems to stand still.  Hopefully some of the bugs can be worked out as the performances continue.
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Andrea Simakis

Great Lakes Theater's 'Dial "M" for Murder' gleams, but there's too little life beneath the surface sheen.
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Art Thomas

The script and music are solidly rooted in the 1950's but Charlie Fee's production has nods to this decade. The result is a show that is relevant to the technology savvy denizens of the 21st century. Imagine, young people will learn about the archaic phones with dials! This is a handsome and well conceived production. 

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