Friday, June 13, 2014

HEARTBREAK HOUSE by Actors’ Equity Association @ Pilgram Church/Tremont

Through June 29, 2014 (Thursday-Saturday @ 7:30, Sunday @ 2:30
Tickets:  216-570-3403, or may be purchased at the door

Bob Abelman

This play is rarely performed due to its length (three acts in over 3 hours) and complexity, both of which are seen as creative challenges by director Bernadette Clemens, her design team, and her cast of professional actors who have self-produced this production.  It's an absolutely phenomenal production!

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Roy Berko

Those interested in being exposed to George Bernard Shaw and his philosophy of life,  the beauty of his language, his use of humor and satire to develop his message, and are willing to sit through three hours of words, words and more words, many of which can’t be grasped because of the echo in the theatre, will enjoy the Actors' Equity Association Members' Project Code production.

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Mark Horning

While certainly not the fault of the actors, what truly should have been a masterful and exceptional evening of theater quite plainly is not due to the wrong choice of venue that swallows up all sound from the stage.  Add to this the overdone accents and the rising temperatures in the room it was over three hours not well spent at the theater.    
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