Friday, June 14, 2013

June 13-30, 2013

Bob Abelman

For a first production by a new theater company, this one is impressive.  If “Medea” is an example of the femme-forward thinking to come, then Mamai will be a welcome addition to the local theater community.  Though not all of its creative risks pay off in this production, risk-taking is a fine hook on which to hang one’s hat.

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Roy Berko

MEDEA, a masterpiece example of classical tragedy, is one of the Western world’s greatest plays. It is a daunting undertaking.  Some directorial decisions and story interpretation in this staging seem questionable, but the production is blessed with a brilliant performance by Tracee Patterson.  It’s worth going just to see this amazing actress spin her maniacal magic.
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Fran Heller

Irish playwright Brendan Kennelly's translation brings a fresh, contemporary interpretation to "Medea" as an Everywoman who defines the role of womanhood, past and future.
Mamai's inaugural production, a U.S. premiere, succeeds on some fronts, and falters on others.
Tracee Patterson's bravura performance as Medea painfully captures the dilemma of a mother and wife torn between a demand for justice and love for her children.

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Mark Horning

While not without its problems, watching this production of “Medea” is a grippingly intense experience. You feel the electricity even before the play begins and the action grabs and holds you throughout.

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Christine Howey

Mamma's pissed, so you better get out of her way. Especially as Tracee Patterson plays this demonically possessed scorned woman.

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Andrea Simakis

With MEDEA, the Maimai Theatre Company much like the titular sorceress and priestess of Hecat, has made a howling entrance onto the city's artistic scene.  The cast is tight, the material superb, the direction canny and inspired.

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