Sunday, December 9, 2012

Beck Center for the Arts
December 7, 2012-January 6, 2013

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Bob Abelman

Those attending this Beck Center production of “Annie” during the holidays will not only be getting a new deal for Christmas this year, but the real deal.

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Roy Berko

As corny and overdone as ANNIE is, with a good performance it delights.  With its tuneful music, strong cast, and super choreography, Beck's production makes for a fine night at the theater.

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Fran Heller

This "kiddie show for adults" is awash with sentimentality but I've always been a pushover for its message, and the song, "Tomorrow" never fails to raise a lump in my throat.
Wherever there are little girls, there will always be an "Annie."
What a great show to introduce the next generation to the magic of live theater.

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Christine Howey

This is a show, now at Beck Center, that can win you over with the right performances and production, and Beck hits many of the right notes even if there are a couple less than stellar elements.

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Art Thomas
This production has many more "hits" than "misses" in the musical scoring department. Everyone is true to the bouncy Charles Strouse tunes, and the spirit of fun overcomes any possibility of sentimentality. A good choice for the season with its tangental Christmas theme.

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