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November 6 - November 18, 2012
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Bob Abelman

“Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” on tour is both beautiful and beastly.  Children will be charmed by this colorful equivalent of a musical theater theme park, while most adults may well feel cheated by the cost-saving production values and re-envisioned version of the original on Broadway. 

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Roy Berko

The touring production of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST doesn’t have the charm of the original staging.  It’s more Saturday morning television  cartoons and over-done farce than enchantment, but, as evidenced by the response of the opening night audience, audiences will generally like it.

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Fran Heller

Fairy tales aren't just for kids. They're for grown-ups too.
With plenty of stage magic and storybook appeal for the younger set, and lots of heart and wisdom for the rest of us, this warm and fuzzy re-invention of the Disney classic is a feel-good family production with something for everyone.

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Christine Howey

Youngsters won’t be disappointed by this touring show, even though they may squirm a bit as it lumbers along for almost three hours, with intermission. Adults, however, could find entrancement hard to come by in a production directed with children’s theater broadness by Rob Roth. 

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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a classic, but this production lacks the pixie dust you’d expect from a show with “Disney” in the title.

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