Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beck Center for the Arts
October 5-November 11
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Bob Abelman

For a play full of characters who readily admit an inability to identify their feelings in a police lineup, it is not for want of trying or for a lack of eloquent verbiage to do so.  Douglas Carter Beane’s “The Little Dog Laughed” is the kind of theater that requires and rewards a careful listening to. 

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Roy Berko

THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED continues the recent trend of area theatres to probe into the gay phenomenon.  Though it is somewhat dated due to changing attitudes towards gays in the arts, it still makes for an interesting theatrical experience.

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Fran Heller

The acerbic comedy parallels the lies and deceptions of the movie industry with the lies and deceptions of two gay men in denial about their real identity.
Play takes on Hollywood's hypocritical stance about homosexuality.
This dog bites at Beck..

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Christine Howey

This sneaky, snarky play by Douglas Carter Beane is about a film star, Mitchell, whose flickering fascination with gay sex is causing problems for his razor-edged agent, Diane. And under Scott Plate's propulsive direction, the humor lances all the right targets.

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If you are offended by the male form, this is not the show for you. Period. If you can get past the random scattered booty, or if it’s your primary motivation, you will thoroughly enjoy this incredible production playing now at Lakewood’s Beck Center For The Arts.

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Andrea Simakis

Plate's "The Little Dog Laughed" is entertainment for grown-ups, and
the director assumes his audience is urbane enough to handle a show
that depicts sex between two men with fearless frankness. And what a
show it is.

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