Friday, July 6, 2012

Mercury SummerStock
July 6-21, 2012 or 216-771-5862

Roy Berko
If your purpose for going to the theatre, as the program suggests, is to” escape, laugh and let your imagination soar,” then you’ll enjoy ONCE UPON A MATTRESS.  It’s filled with much cleverness, laughs and visual pleasure, but misses out on more due to some misguided performances.

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Christine Howey
What is required is a tight production with sharp comic actors in key roles. And despite the many minor miracles that this talented company often pulls off, here they struggle to make the play work at all.
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Mercury Summer Stock takes the hilarious Once Upon A Mattress to new heights!

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Marjorie Preston

The strengths of Mercury Summer Stock’s current musical production, “Once Upon a Mattress,” a modern retelling of “The Princess and the Pea,” lie in sharp comedic timing and witty rapport between characters. This production is over-the-top funny.  [The show] included lots of fun extras, with asides, inside jokes, actors breaking the fourth wall, and modern references theater lovers will find highly amusing.  “Once Upon a Mattress” is a bubbly, stylized show sure to please."

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